Asslam-o-Alakium Brothers & Sisters,

There are a number of fake websites which can mislead brothers and sisters about Islam as these suites are offering everything fake, FAKE Quran, Ahadith, Verses, Surah’s, and other materials of Islam …

I have tried to list few of those sites here and hope this small contribution may help you to save from gap created by fake information.

Their mission is to  misguide Muslims as well as others who want to know about Islam. So please beware of these sites.

The list may not be complete all the time, as growing of internet and websites, but I am trying my best to publish complete list of sites as soon as I come to such sites/links. I also request you to please drop me an email and let me know if any site/link you also know, so i’ll keep my list updated.

So you all requested to send me address of such sites so that people may save from misguiding and misunderstandings.

Please click this link to see the list of fake web sites

Thank you

Mozammil Haque


2 Responses to Alert!

  1. Abdalla Ahmed says:

    Assalamu Aleykum brother,

    I am a brother in Islam, resident and citizen of Canada. I am interested in Islamic Banking towards the development programs of Muslim community in Nepal. would you please be more specific your programs of development. Shukran

  2. Wassalamualaik
    I am replying you very soon and pleased to see your interest.
    Thank you very much.
    Allah Hafiz

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