Islamic Banking

There is no any Islamic Bank in Nepal and I am in the exercise of it INSHA ALLAh where I don’t thing that it is possible without the help of Muslim brothers, Scholars and Intellectuals an therefore placing humble request to assist in this noble act since it can make us strong in financial, educational and welfare sector. But it needs proper fund management, time, passion, devotion and exercise.

Islamic Banks have the great importance worldwide as adoption of fully fledged Islamic Banking System by Iran, Pakistan and Sudan and recent development in Islamic banking sector throughout the world has created the high demand of Islamic banking.

There is neither any infrastructure developed nor any Islamic Banking concept in Nepal. So it is totally a new concept for Nepalese Muslims as well as for Non- Muslims brothers but it has potential and future in this country. Though the governmental report says that only 4.2 percent of the total population are Muslims but Muslims themselves and few private reports state that 8-10 percent Muslim are residing in Nepal. I don’t need to explain you the potential and future of Islamic Banking in Nepal where majority of the people have the faith in Hinduism and Buddhism because the performance of Islamic Banking in UK, Sri Lanka, Singapore and in other countries is well known to you.

It’s my deep and great interest to work with Islamic Banking System in Nepal and it is the only solution of Nepalese Muslims to bring them towards the education and make them financially strong. Otherwise their reorganization and identity would be in dark but no enlighten candle is being seen marched.

There are four types of Banking Institutions working in Nepal and they are categorized as follows.

  1. Group A (Samuh Ka): Banking institutions and Corporations
  2. Group B (Samuh Kha): Developmental Banking Institutions
  3. Group C(Samuh Ga): Micro Credit/Micro-Financial Institutions
  4. Group D (Samuh Gha): Financing and Leasing Institutions

Thanking you all in advance


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