Presently country is in serious vulnerable situation as whole the nation is marching towards constitutional crisis because not a single party seems to be serious in finalizing the country’s constitution rather in forming the government and to lead the cabinet. But time is very short. The death of the interim constitution is so near and after that country may face a most serious problem as vacuumed situation i.e. Constitutional Crisis. It seems as a great negligence and irresponsible attitude of the political parties and has to reply.

Though one and only work of constituent assembly members is to work out for writing of the constitution but all have forget for what public have voted them and sent them.

In the perspective of Muslim of Nepal and its political situation , there is no any Muslim political party in Nepal and Muslims are working dividedly in several parties and thus they are in distributed condition, tough to bring in a single platform. Muslim communities are and were used just as the vote bank by the political parties of Nepal. They understood and raised the problems of Muslim communities rightly during the time of election but sided back just after entertaining the hunger of vote. Not a single party has raised the issues of Muslims either in the assembly or cabinet and thus Muslim are the victims of seclusion and deprived of serving the nation politically and in administration sectors. There are no fixed seats for the Muslim candidates in the political system by the election commission.

First time in the history of Nepal, under the Proportional Election System, Women, madehesi, Dalit, Janajati , backwarded sectors and others were given fixed percentage but Muslim were not given such right to entertain their political right. They were included with the Madhesi which is so funny.

The table below is enough to understand the political situation of Muslims.

S.No. Working Committee Total Members Muslims Percentage
1 CPN (Maoism) 138 1 0.72
2 CPN UML 115 2 1.73
3 Nepali Congress 71 1 1.40
5 Terai Madhes Loktantric Party 57 5 8.77
6 Madehsi Janadhikar Forum 26 4 15.35

Source: Muslim Awaaz (Megazine published by NMFN)


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