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  1. Muhammad Nazim says:

    Great Job. I coming soon in Nepal..

  2. Asif says:


    Thanks for your posts about Muslims in Nepal. I’ll be visiting Nepal Inshallah within a couple of days with my parents. I wish I could meet some Muslims there.

    Jazakallah. Wassalam.

  3. FH says:

    Its a nice work.

  4. Althaf says:

    A.Alaikum wr w b.

    I am India and i would like to visit Nepal in January with family and children Inshah Allah.(max 3 days)

    Pls help me with Halal Hotels and food places
    Thanking you

  5. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    hi .. my Name is tanvir am from Bangldesh but am doing business in Nepal and stay here for couple of months . if you need me for any type of help please call me i will be there ..


    • Dear Mr. Tanvir
      AssaLaikum warahmatuLLah
      Thanks a Lot for you precious words of support and my pray is always with you that may your business flourish more & more.
      Currently Im in Qatar in a Job. I will contact you surely as you if i feel your neccessity.
      Please Let me know that what sorts of business you are operating in Nepal.
      Shukran & Hayakallah.
      Allah Hafiz
      Yours in Islam
      Mozammil Haque

  6. Sandeep Singh says:

    The above things about Muslims in Nepal & their lack of knowledge of Basic Islam that you pointed is the reason that Nepal is untouched by Islamic Terrorism…

    • Thank you 4 your comment.

      Brother! The word Islam literally means submission firstly and peace secondly which gives the teaching of brotherhood and humanity. And Islam condemns and prohibits terrorism strictly. Regarding your statement of islamic terrorism, i want to state you that It is the act of some people even from the muslims and out of muslims who are involved in it for their own benefit. And terrorists are not muslims.

      So, brother! Please think widely and make a broad sense by observing the world scenario. Even in Nepal several muslims leaders and scholars have been killed but we perform peaceful demonstration. In india means Assam, muslims are being killed, in Burma, more than thirty thousands muslims are killed, in irag, afganistan, Palestine, chechen thousands of people have been killed and the phonomena running now too. Who are the killers? Muslims? Brother please higest number of the people being killed daily are muslims. We take all the muslims, hindu. Sikhs and others as brothers as we all are the sons of Adam and Eve.
      I hope you will think abt it deeply and will feel piety for the killings of muslims also similar to others.
      (Due to the shortage of time could not write you in detail.)
      Please respond me as im waiting 4 your view.

      Sincerely yours

  7. sarah says:

    Hi,your country interest me.here’s my email aimisarah.abdullah@gmail.com

  8. sahe alam says:

    i am sahe alam from bhairahawa, nepal. I have passed BCA from pokhara university. Please me for my further education. I want to study MBA. I am not able to afford for MBA. My father runs small toiloring shop. We are financially weak. Please help me

  9. sahe alam says:

    please mail me at mrsahealam@gmail.com

  10. Rajesh says:

    hello aasalamwaleki
    I am originally hindu but now i am muslim. i would like learn many thing about muslium so muslim brother help me to gain alot of knowledge.
    this is my contact number 9803795134

  11. ismaeel says:


    I enjoyed reading your article about Islam in Nepal. I always wanted to visit there because I have a friend from there. How often do you go back?

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